Last Mile delivery Logistics Solutions

Last Mile delivery logistics Solutions

As e-commerce continues to grow, the last leg of delivery, ending up at the consumer's home or business, has become more challenging. This last leg of the supply chain is often less efficient, comprising up to 28% of the total cost to move goods. This has become known as the "last mile problem.

Algo brings yet another innovative solution which would not only address the issues encountered in last mile delivery and also enhance the performance of last mile delivery. Customers associated with industry will greatly benefit from this solution.

  • It is a centralized platform between customer service team and final-mile carriers to communicate
  • User-friendly Application to track real time deliveries
  • Step-by-Step Approach and data record
  • Easy-to-use tools that helps to manage the delivery process
  • The App trace, tracks each movement of the merchandise delivery till the end customer
  • Customizable metrics to manage delivery quality
  • Case-logging tool where couriers can enter customer feedback and complaints, as well as initiate damage claims
  • Can upload photos and customer acknowledgement it’s all accessible through the case-logging tool

ALGO Track offers – an all-round logistic solution that enables real-time tracking and monitoring of delivery from a remote location – to facilitate streamlined delivery and reduced TATs.

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