Tracking Solutions for Hazardous Goods Carriers

Tracking solutions for hazardous goods carriers

Transportation of hazardous goods requires vigilant monitoring, since negligent driving may cause adverse impacts to life and property, in addition to incurring huge monetary losses.

ALGO Track offers real-time vehicle tracking & monitoring to ensure safety of hazardous goods carriers, round the clock. It provides timely information about each vehicle location, speed status and also triggers real-time alert notifications if driver violates the safety norms.

  • Specially Designed Hardware with Easy Plug & Play
  • Comprehensive Speed & Route Tracking
  • Alerts on Violation against safety norms
  • Alerts on violation against Route Deviation
  • Harsh Braking
  • Sudden Acceleration alert
  • Reports on Late Night Driving (12 am to 5 am)

With the assistance of ALGO’S, the fleet owner can easily log the precise activities that account for the entire route, as they happen.

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